Additional Courses

The courses I offer, in addition to Protective Behaviours training, are based on knowledge, skills and experience I have gained working with children and young people in a wide range of settings.  Course content comprises elements and ideas customised to meet individual training needs.  So, for example, the main content or content areas for a course might be selected from: change, transition, loss, self-esteem, confidence, optimism, separation and divorce, anxiety, trauma, self-harm etc. 

An important outcome from the training is for people to have the opportunity to take away useful, practical strategies and  ideas to refresh and stimulate their work.   These are some of the additional courses and workshops I have delivered so far.

  • Coping with Transition and Change
  • Using Solution Focused Approaches in Secondary schools
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Protective Behaviours
  • Resources workshop.
  • Protective Behaviours and Anxiety
  • Working with Vulnerable Children

Contact me to discuss ideas for training or design for a particular course.