Ceramic Lanterns

by Simon Sneath

My current range of lanterns was inspired by a visit to Japan and are an interpretation of different Japanese lantern styles.  The sections of the lanterns are thrown in white stoneware or smooth crank.

The parabola pedestal lanterns are slab built using a coarse crank mix. glazes are poured, dipped or sprayed and fired to stoneware temperature.  the lanterns are suitable for use indoors or for the garden.  Production will start at my new studio in Derbyshire in Summer 2012.

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‘SNOW SCENE’ lanterns are usually located at the edge of water features in Japanese gardens.   They are especially attractive in winter when snow settles on their roofs.  These lanterns are available in 2 sizes 10” high and 12” high or can be built to your requirements.

The ‘STUPA’ lantern is derived from the stone towers sometimes found in Japanese gardens.  They are used to create an illusion of distance within a small garden.  The lantern is built in eight sections and is 19” high.
The ‘BRIDGE LANTERN’ is based on a lantern from the Kenroku-en garden in Japan.  Tall lanterns are sometimes used to illuminate bridges over water in a Japanese garden.  This lantern is available in two sizes: 23” high and 32” high.