PB Buddies

PB Buddies is a peer support scheme, based on the Protective Behaviours Process, training children and young people in primary and secondary schools to offer and provide support their peers.  This may involve developing possible solutions for a worry, anxiety or problem, or simply providing a listening, sympathetic ear.

The Scheme was devised by Di Margetts and Mary Gray* to provide a peer support network for children who may be reluctant to share their worries and anxieties with adults.  Since 2006 Mary Gray and I have introduced the scheme into 20 Northamptonshire schools.  I have developed teaching materials for the scheme to reflect the needs of different ages, abilities and learning styles in primary and secondary settings.

*Di Margetts introduced and developed the PB process in the UK and Mary Gray is the founder of ‘Playtime’ the charity Play Therapy Services Northamptonshire.


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