PBs in Practice

I have used PBs extensively in my work with young people.  This has involved work with individuals, groups, classes and whole school initiatives covering a wide range of issues and situations including individual work helping a child cope with anxiety to working with a class where one of the children had committed suicide at home.  I have also developed PB courses for young people in primary and secondary schools.

PB Courses for Young People in Secondary Schools
Based on a model used by CAMHS (Ken Stuart Family Centre) in Northampton, and working with John Fardon (PB trainer), I developed a 2-day Protective Behaviours course for young people to meet a particular transition need where 3 year groups were in simultaneous transition as part of a schools reorganisation.  The course was combined with PB training for 40 staff and delivered successfully to 17 secondary schools over a 6 month period.  This course was designed for groups of up to 12 but I have also adapted it for a group of about 40 young people in years 7-9.

PB Courses for Young People in Primary Settings

I designed this half-day PB course for children in years 4, 5 and 6 as part of the PB Buddies Scheme.  The course is delivered to the whole class either as a PB course or part of PB Buddies training.

Individual, Group Work and Peer Education
I am currently completing a series of case studies of individual and group work that will be available on this site shortly.


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