Vulnerable Children

I developed the course ‘Working with Vulnerable Children in Schools’ as a result of the work I have undertaken in schools, education otherwise and looked after settings. I believe that feeling safe is an essential pre-requisite for all learning and we can build on feelings of safety to identify strengths and increase our sense of self worth.


Working with Vulnerable Children in Schools

About the Course

This is a one day course for staff working with vulnerable children in primary and secondary schools and includes consideration of the needs of individual children and young people to feel safe and secure within their learning situation.

The focus of the course is to develop practical strategies and approaches that can be adapted to support a particular child or young person in school in the context of a wide range of learning experience. The course has been planned to achieve a balance between presentations, practical work in small groups and individual learning.

The learning outcomes of the course are to increase skills and knowledge in addressing the safety needs of children in school, assessing needs and the function of behaviour and developing strategies and approaches to support children.

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